Abrazo’s Inflatable SUP Kit - What's Included?

Abrazo’s Inflatable SUP Kit - What's Included?

If you’re new to stand-up paddleboarding and are unsure what you need for an inflatable SUP, we’ve created a list of essentials. Most inflatable SUPs will come with a kit including a leash, paddle, pump, shoulder strap, and a carry bag. 

Abrazo’s inflatable SUPs come with a complete paddleboard kit, including a coiled ankle cuff safely leash, collapsible matching paddle, patch repair kit, dual-action pump, and a durable carry bag.

SUP Leash: 

A SUP leash is a cord that attaches to the rear of your board and connects to your ankle via an ankle cuff or strap. Leashes come in various sizes, and the general rule is to use a leash around the same size or slightly smaller than your board. If you fall off your SUP, your leash makes sure that your board cannot drift away from you, preventing any accidents from a free-floating board in the water. 

SUP Board Bag: 

Inflatable SUPs will usually come in their own storage bags that aid in transportation and storage. Abrazo’s iSUPs come in a durable board bag that you can carry like a backpack or roll like a suitcase. This is especially handy when traveling on the road or by air. 

SUP Pump: 

Before taking your iSUP in the water, you’ll need to inflate it with a manual or electronic pump. Many of them come with a dual-action pump that can inflate a SUP in about 10 min. Getting an electric pump is a recommended accessory, as it can inflate your paddleboard as fast as a manual pump, but without the effort of doing it yourself. It can also help finish deflating your iSUP for you, making sure your SUP can be rolled up super tight. 

SUP Paddle:

Lastly, you’ll need a paddle to maneuver your board in the water. There are a variety of paddles to choose from, varying in length, material, blade size, and shape. Most paddleboards come with a matching paddle that’s typically collapsible for storage. This means you don’t have to worry about finding the right paddle to use with your board. 


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