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See everything that comes with your paddle board and how to get it ready.

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Abrazo Sports


In this video, we'll show you how to patch a leak on your Abrazo paddle board so you can get back in the water to start having fun!

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Please reach out to our team via email at: customersupport@abrazosports.com

Yes, All Abrazo Sports paddleboards include the following items:
3-piece paddle
Ankle leash
Center fin
Double action pump
Repair kit

Yes, all boards feature a 1 year limited warranty. Damage due to misuse and/or negligence is not covered. The warranty begins on the date of purchase and no registration is required.

More than likely there is not enough air in the board. Generally, the pressure gauge will not start to register until the board reaches 7 PSI. If your gauge still isn't registering pressure, contact us at customersupport@abrazosports.com

The wrench is provided to tighten leaking valves only. If air is escaping around the valve seal, use the included wrench to tighten it by turning clockwise. NEVER use the wrench to deflate your board as improper use of this tool when the board is pressurized can cause the valve to detach and explode outward, potentially resulting in harmful/fatal injury or damage to property.

Marine PVC glue from any local hardware store will get the job done.

Yes all Abrazo paddles will float if properly assembled.