On a tireless mission to be the backbone of outdoor adventure, Abrazo is a professional sporting goods brand founded in California in 2018. Our core products include electric bicycles, inflatable stand-up paddles (iSUPs), and skateboards, with other new forms of adventure to be announced in the near future. Abrazo Sports represents a vibrant interpretation of natural environments combined in tune with authentic California style. We encourage our customers and team to go out and enjoy nature. With that nature-focused ethos, Abrazo products fully showcase the brand motto of “Embracing Adventure.” Since the introduction of Abrazo’s premium products to the market, it has garnered a dedicated following of thrill-seekers which is reflected in an accumulated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews. And it is now ranked 4th on Amazon’s Best Sellers list in the US.

Have you been resisting that call of the wild? Are you ready to embark on a challenging but rewarding adventure? Abrazo has the tools to both enhance and make your journey special. You get but one life. So live it to the fullest and Embrace Adventure with Abrazo at your side.

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