Abrazo's New Lightweight Hardboard Collab With SUP Yoga Legend Sarah Tiefenthaler

Abrazo's New Lightweight Hardboard Collab With SUP Yoga Legend Sarah Tiefenthaler

We at Abrazo are thrilled to unveil our latest product, marking a significant milestone in our journey of redefining SUP Yoga and embracing the spirit of adventure. We proudly introduce the world to the New Yogaqua Hardboard – a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting products that resonate our message for the thirst of adventure.

In collaboration with Sarah Tiefenthaler, a legend in the world of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and the visionary behind Yogaqua (@yogaqua), we are excited to team up with her to create this SUP Yoga hardboard. With over 12 years in the SUP yoga industry, Sarah's expertise and dedication to her craft have earned her legendary status in the SUP community. We are honored to be the first collaborators on her remarkable journey as she unveils her first hardboard design with Abrazo, one that we have been anticipating for quite some time.

At Abrazo Sports, we believe in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of cultures that define our home in Southern California. In collaboration with local artists, we strive to combine essence of LA's rich cultural landscape into every aspect of our brand, starting with our new hardboard. By partnering with talented creators deeply entrenched in the Southern California scene, we aim to not only elevate our product but also pay homage to the city that inspires us.

Together with Sarah Tiefenthaler, we are set to redefine the boundaries of adventure and creativity in the SUP Yoga World, offering the SUP community to join us in our latest venture.

Coming Soon 5/25 ...

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