Anchored Eats: Embracing Adventure and Flavor with Abrazo on Folsom Lake

Anchored Eats: Embracing Adventure and Flavor with Abrazo on Folsom Lake

Since its inception in 2021, Anchored Eats has revolutionized the dining and recreational experience at Folsom Lake. Founded by three longtime friends passionate about their summer days on the water, this floating food boat was born to eliminate the common hassle of running out of food while enjoying the lake. Catering to both boaters and beachgoers, Anchored Eats ensures that no one has to interrupt their fun for a meal.

Anchored Eats is not just about food; it’s about enhancing the overall lake experience. The culinary heart of Anchored Eats is Chef Ruby, whose specialty recipes such as the Folsom Blues Burger, Knot Your Average Dog, and Tentacle Fries are beloved by all who visit. The mission is clear: to serve high-quality, fresh food at an affordable price while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Every aspect of the operation, from cleaning supplies to serving dishes and utensils, is eco-friendly and recyclable, reflecting Anchored Eats’ commitment to keeping Folsom Lake pristine.

Now, you can rent our Abrazo water sports products including iSUP Paddleboards, Kayaks and Aquariders. Abrazo’s high-quality inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards, Kayaks, and Aquarider are available on a first-come, first-served basis, adding a unique blend of adventure and relaxation to your lake experience.

Anchored Eats is more than just a food service; it's a family-friendly destination dedicated to enhancing the Folsom Lake experience. By partnering with us at Abrazo, Anchored Eats ensures that whether you're enjoying a day on the water or relaxing on the beach, you’re well-fed and well-equipped for adventure. Embrace the thrill of the lake with Abrazo’s top-notch paddleboards and kayaks, making every visit unforgettable.


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