Meet Sarah Tiefenthaler, Founder of YOGAqua and Your New SUP Yoga Girl Crush

Meet Sarah Tiefenthaler, Founder of YOGAqua and Your New SUP Yoga Girl Crush

Along with son and her puppy niece Kaya, Sarah Tiefenthaler begins to unload her large array of colorful SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) from her beautiful YOGAqua truck. Her truck is vibrant, featuring a stunning mural of a woman practicing yoga on a SUP. The sky is painted with yellow and magenta, the waves a bright blue. Sarah exhibits the personality of her vehicle: colorful and bright. She exudes a wise and experienced energy, as if she has been honing her craft for forever. And she has.

If you're no stranger to the world of SUP Yoga, you've probably heard of Sarah Tiefenthaler. With over 13 years of yoga instruction and an even longer passion in the field, Sarah Tiefenthaler continues to be a powerhouse in SUP Yoga. She started in Costa Rica, where she completed her initial 200 hour certification back in October of 2010. When she returned back to LA, she couldn't shake off that longing of her presence in nature, which inspired her to join her first SUP demo in Venice Beach. Since that first class, she's been unstoppable. She led her first SUP class only two months later, launched her business YOGAqua in less than a year, and now has created a legacy only few can dream of. With sponsorships from Reebok, Ridge Merino, The Wellness Angel, and more-- she continues to lead her legacy into new heights. Sarah Tiefenthaler has already culminated a dedicated following, and seems like she is only getting started.

Today, we are launching Sarah's Yogaqua Hardboard with Abrazo Sports. We had the privilege to sit down and talk to her about her journey, how she designed her new hardboard, and why she has decided to collaborate with us.

What inspired you and your designs for this board for SUP Yoga?

When I first created YOGAqua, there was not a single yoga board on the market. I was using whatever board were available at the time, renting them and trying different boards out to see what worked. With every board I tried, I would think of something on that board that could be a little bit better, something that I think could improve. With my new board, I've taken everything I've learned, from all the boards I've tried and my experience over 13 years, to come up with the perfect specifications to make the perfect yoga board. That's why I'm so excited about this collaboration with Abrazo. I can finally create the perfect board.

Can you talk about the specific features you were looking for? 

The perfect sup yoga board has a big width, thickness, and length. You need one large fin-- all its details are required to be very specific and accurate. When you're teaching sup yoga classes, everyone comes in different sizes and shapes. We need a board that can adapt and work for anyone that takes our class. Therefore, from nose to tail, we need to have a board that fits someone who might be very tall to someone who might be very short.

My most favorite detail about creating our board was that we were able to create such a lightweight board. it is the lightest SUP yoga board I've ever had, and it works great. I've never had a SUP yoga board that has worked as well as this board, one that continues to be very light and very durable. It weighs at less than 24.6 pounds, and that is the lightest out there-- believe me. I've checked. 

How has it been collaborating with us at Abrazo Sports?

Collaborating with Abrazo has been great. Communication is perfect, we've been working together wonderfully. 

Any messages to those who want to embark on this SUP Yoga journey?

If you really have passion with this activity, do it. Don't let anyone hold you back. If this is something you've chosen to love, just do it. Everything will fall into place if you really believe in yourself. 

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