What is Surfskate?

What is Surfskate?

A surfskate is a skateboard that mimics the feeling and movements of surfing on land. Surfskates were originally invented by surfers who wanted to do something on flat days. Over time, surfskating grew in popularity and is now a passion of skaters and surfers alike. 

Surfskates use special trucks that enable riders to maneuver the board and build up speed without having to set foot down on the road. This feeling is unique, and the movements are not possible with traditional skateboards or longboards. 


How does a surfskate work?

Surfskates are designed to mimic the feel of surfing on land. To enable this motion, they use a special surf adapter truck system. 

Skateboards and longboard trucks only turn on their kingpin axis, whereas surfskate trucks mount the truck on a rotating arm, which adds an extra axis of rotation. This allows it to move on an additional plane compared to typical skateboard and longboard trucks. 

The front truck on a surfskate allows you to carve your way without having to put your foot on the road to increase momentum. Instead, by pumping the nose of the surfskate side to side, you quickly gain speed and direct the board.


What does it feel like to ride a surfskate?

Whether you love to skate or surf, surfskating is the closest experience you can get to gliding down and carving a wave.

The feeling is similar to riding a hoverboard that can move with the tiniest shifting of your weight. This allows you to move tightly and smoothly around sharp corners. 

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